Lumi - Opera Fiammae
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Lumi, a visionary fire show.

Lumi!” The echo of a voice spreads in the waves of a green aurora borealis that illuminates the profiles of bells and oscillating sculptures, giving shape to a dreamlike and unusual vision. There it is, together with the fire, his playmate, Lumi comes out, hopping gently not to make much noise and wandering around the curious looks of the spectators. Gently accompanying the flames in a dance for two, he plays with the elements that draw the dreamy glimpse of this vision, creating, throughout music, the story of an encounter. An Arlecchino from another world, with his grimaces and winks, playful and irreverent, disturbing at moments. Manipulating the flames through accomplices gestures, going beyond the bounds of reality and non manipulable, he will transport the spectators to a state free from fears.

Silence … Let the magic begin! “